5 Ways to Add Handheld Showerhead to an Existing Shower

Adding a handheld showerhead to an existing shower is beneficial in various ways. Firstly, it is more convenient, as you will be able to rinse off soap or shampoo easily. Secondly, it will reduce water usage. Lastly, it is a cost-effective option, as it is less expensive than replacing the entire shower system. 

Adding a handheld showerhead to an existing shower is a great DIY project if you have forgotten to add it during the construction period.

In this post, we have mentioned five different methods that you can follow to add a handheld showerhead to an existing shower. Let’s check them out!

5 Ways To Add Handheld Shower head To An Existing Shower

1. Install A Shower Arm Diverter

Install A Shower Arm Diverter

The first and easiest method to add a handheld showerhead to an existing shower is to install a shower arm diverter. It is a two-way device that enables you to switch the water flow between a handheld shower and a showerhead. It does not need much effort, as you are only required to install a device to the existing shower. 

This device comes in various styles; the most common are a two-way and a three-way diverter. A two-way diverter will let you switch between a handheld shower and the showerhead.

On the other hand, a three-way diverter will let you switch between two different showerheads or a handheld shower and a showerhead. 

Apart from this, the two-way diverter is available in two different types; one is available with a built-in mount, while the other one does not have a mount. Purchasing the one with a built-in mount has its own advantages, as it will help in installing both showerhead types on the overhead shower arm. 

However, if you go for the one without the built-in mount, you will need to attach the handheld shower somewhere else on the shower wall.

Therefore, we recommend you go for a two-way diverter that has a built-in mount, as it will be more convenient. 


2. Replace The Shower Arm with a Diverter Shower Arm

install shower head
shower head

The second method you can follow is to remove the existing shower arm and install a new shower arm that has a built-in diverter. Such shower arms do not make your shower look bulky and are perfect if you do not want to equip your shower with various devices. 

The reason why many people prefer this shower arm mount is that its design is sleek, unlike a two-way diverter which makes the shower look bulkier.

Furthermore, this method is more reliable as you are not adding a device to your shower like the previous method. It will give a more sophisticated and cleaner look to your shower. 

3. Use a Shower Arm Mount Instead of Your Existing Shower

shower arm mount

Another way in which you can add a handheld showerhead is to use a hand shower mount to your shower arm. The handheld shower mount will get attached where the showerhead mounts in the old shower arm. 

This handheld shower has two different connections; one for the shower arm and the other to get attached to the hand shower hose. Moreover, it has a cradle on which the hand shower will sit. This device is more convenient than the showerhead, and the installation part will not take long. 

However, if you go for this method, you need to know beforehand that this device will make your shower look a bit bulkier.

Moreover, the shower hose will be placed on the upper side of the shower, which is not preferred by many people, as it is not appealing. But if you prefer convenience over an aesthetic look, you should opt for this method. 


4. Add the Handheld Showerhead on the Tub Spout

An easy alternative to installing the handheld shower in your bathroom is to attach it to the tub spout. However, most bathrooms do not have a tub or a spout, but if you have it and want to utilize it, it is best to attach the handheld shower to it.

The only thing that you need to check is whether the bathtub size conforms to the handheld shower, as the size depends on their type. Firstly, you need to take an accurate measurement of the spout of the bathtub. 

However, if you are unable to take an exact measurement, try to measure it a bit larger than its original length. Through this measurement, you will need to get rubber cups that will help you to attach the shower head hose to the bathtub. 

After this, you will need to install them at the end of the hose. Also, do not get worried if you have got a larger one, as you can get a metal-worn screw clamp to make it shorter. 

5. Attach a Shower Column

Attach a Shower Column

If you want a cleaner and more appealing look, you should go for a shower column. A shower column is a kind of shower fixture that you can attach to the wall. Furthermore, it comes with attached shower heads, jets, and sprays that are arranged on a bar or column vertically. 

Apart from this, you can select from a variety of shower column options that come in different kinds of sprayers or shower heads. It includes handheld showerheads, massage jets, or rainfall showerheads. For more convenience, some of them include built-in soap dishes or shelves. 

It is perfect for people who want to add a touch of elegance to their shower while getting a handheld shower, which will be more convenient for them. 

However, this type of device needs a bit more space in your bathroom, as the added shower head has a curved piece of pipe on the top which increases its height. For this reason, you need to ensure that you have adequate space to fit this device. 

Final Thoughts

You can add a handheld showerhead to an existing shower in various ways. However, we have mentioned the most reliable methods in this article.

You can do that by installing a shower arm diverter, using a shower arm mount, or getting a shower column. Another way through which you can add the handheld showerhead is to attach it to the tub spout.