8 Best Bath Mat For Textured Tub Surface in 2023

Today’s guide unveils some of the best bathtub mats for textured tubs or showers. These mats have a firm grip that supports your body and stay in place. 

Before moving forward, let me tell you why it’s necessary to have a bath mat for a textured tub surface or shower. A bathroom with a textured surface is very slippery, and it’s dangerous to bathe on such surfaces. To avoid slipping and keep yourself stable, a bath mat is essential.

Before choosing any bath mat, make sure it doesn’t have suction cups because such mats don’t stay on a textured surface. 

So it’s time to review some best bath mats for textured tubs!

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Best Bath Mat For Textured Tub Surface

In A Hurry! Here Are Our Top Picks…

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1- The Original Refinished Bathtub Mat

Bath Mat For Textured Tub Surface

This bath mat has a very durable surface that sticks on any textured surface for a long time. We highly recommend this mat because it doesn’t have any suction cups. 

There are reversed suction rings on the bottom and top that work well on any textured surface. Because of its ring texture, it feels comfortable and offers massage for your feet. 

Compared to other mats, it’s much heavier than directly increases its stability; no matter how much weight you have, this bath mat stays in its position. 

Thanks to its PVC vinyl-free rubber material which is easy to clean and ideal for the elderly. You can also wash this mat in warm water.

  • Large enough to fit a standard tub
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to clean
  • Mould-resistant
  • Ring textured
  • No handing holes

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2- Webos Foldable Non-Slip Silicone Bath Mat

Here comes the Silicone bath mat that offers a non-slip guarantee. On the backside, it has an anti-slip grip that makes this mat best for a textured tub. 

Since it’s 28-inch long, thus perfect for standard textured bathtubs; although the surface is thin, heavy-duty Silicone allows the mat to stay in place no matter what. Because of its heavy-duty nature never floats when covered with about 2 inches of water and also doesn’t move. 

It has a unique honey pattern that adheres to the surface and offers a comfortable feel when you put your feet on it. 

His mat is made of 100% pure Silicone, BPA free, Latex-free, Phthalate and PVC free. You can also wash this mat in a machine with warm water. 

  • No suction cup
  • 100% silicone
  • Drainage Holes
  • Anti- Slip Honeycomb Texture
  • Folding design
  • Bath Oil may cause slipping

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3- Leotruny PVC Loofah Non-Slip Shower Mat

Leotruny PVC Loofah Non-Slip Shower Mat

This is one of the thick and very comfortable bath mats made of Phthalate-free PVC carpet. This mate sticks like glue to the textured bathtubs and floors.

An anti-slip layer at the bottom keeps the mat stable; that’s why the Leotruny bath mat is the best choice for the elderly.

The best thing about this mat is the loofah surface that gives a more relaxing feel, and you can also wipe your feet on it. This may have a porous design that allows water to flow through it and dry quickly. 

You can also fold this mat, so fold and put it somewhere if you aren’t using it.

  • Loofah surface feels more relaxing
  • Easy to wash as it dries quickly
  • Thick and durable
  • The anti-slip layer at the bottom
  • Requires scrubbing to remove stains from it.

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4- No Suction Cup Bath Mat

Some bathtubs are more oversized in Size, and some are wider, and finding a perfect size bath mat is difficult for every bathtub. But Non-SlipBathMat offers a 29×15 bath mat that is suitable for all types of bathtubs. 

This mat is made up of soft, durable vinyl. That’s why it’s perfect for textured and non-textured surfaces. This vinyl bath mat is desirable and never tears or fades even after long use, unlike rubber mats. 

The vinyl surface is comfortable to stand on; that’s why it’s recommended for babies and pregnant women. There are no suction cups; that’s why they adhere firmly on a textured surface. Thanks to its drain holes that allow water to drain off quickly. 

  • No suction cups
  • Soft and durable vinyl
  • stylish and natural design that blends in seamlessly with your bathtub
  • machine washable
  • Relaxing surface
  • Only one color option is available.

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5- MAPLEZ Non-Slip Bath Mat

Non-Slip Bath Mat for textured tub

We always try to look for a cheaper but best option, and this bath mat truly fulfils our expectations. Marple non-slip is one of the best mats for a textured bathtub, and there is no suction cup in it. 

Just put it on your textured bathtub or shower area, and it will firmly stick to the surface, support your weight and never slip. On the bottom surface, there is a rubber cell-type design that firmly grips the tub. 

The hollowed design allows water to pass through quickly, and the loofah surface dries the mat fast. 

The other benefit of the loofah surface is it provides a more comfortable experience. The gentle massages make you stress-free while bathing. MAPLE Non-Slip bath mat very clean and dry for subsequent use.

  • Affordable price
  • Washable
  • Gentle massage
  • Anti-slip backing
  • May cause wear and tear after frequent use

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6- Asvin Soft Textured Bath Mat

Soft Textured Bath Mat

This soft bath mat feels like a soft rug. With its anti-slip layer, it’s the best choice for a textured bathtub. There are no suction cups; that’s why it sticks to the textured surface. 

Because of its suction cups, the free design ensures safety, perfect for the elderly and children. This PUV bath mat is not only slip-resistant but also much more comfortable and relaxing. 

As you have seen, there is a loofah design, but still, the holes are so tiny for proper water drainage. After each use, you have to hand the mat in some ventilated place to keep the mat dry. 

Because of its dark nature, this mat gets dirty after a long time, and you can use it for months without washing it.

  • Low price but high quality
  • Comfortable and softer
  • Washable
  • Anti-slip backing
  •  Bath oil may cause slipping
  • Size could be larger

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7- MAYSHINE Non-Slip Chenille Bath Mat

If you are looking for a luxurious bath mat for your textured bathtub, have a look at the Machine non-slip bath mat. This is one of the most comfortable bath mats on our list; its microfiber design makes your feet very comfortable and relaxing.

The Machine bath mat is just like a rug, and it’s different from other Rubber and Silicone bath mats. It consists of three layers; a fabric layer, middle sponge layer, and bottom anti-skid layer.

The anti-skid layer supports the mat and prevents slipping. Further, its microfiber design immediately absorbs water so you can dry your feet quickly. You can easily wash this mat in a machine, and it dries quickly. 

  • Comfortable and soft
  • The anti-skid layer prevents skidding
  • Machine washable
  • Microfiber quality is good
  • You can quickly dry your feet on it
  • Not suitable to use inside the bathtub

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8- European Coatings Non-Slip Bath Mat

European Coatings Non-Slip Bath Mat

This is one of the most exclusive bath mats for a textured bathtub. Although it’s pretty expensive than the rest of the bath mats, it has the insane quality and firm support. 

This bath mat is made from textured rubber and has European coatings. There are no suction cups, so the stakes are high on the textured surface. Compared to other mats, this one has a 41 “x15” size, suitable for every bathtub. 

Because of its pure white color, it perfectly matches the color of your bathtub. When it comes to durability, this mat leaves everyone behind. Apart from its durability, it’s so comfortable and offers a relaxing experience while bathing. 

This European coating bath mat is strongly recommended to older adults who have joint problems or weakness.

  • Premium quality
  • Sits perfectly on a textured surface
  • Comfortable
  • Durable and crack free design
  • Expensive

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Consideration Before Buying Bath Mat For Textured Bathtub

The textured surface is slippery; especially for the elderly, it’s not safe. You have to put some bath mat on such a surface for safe bathing. But unlucky, not every bath mat stays on a textured surface because of its smoothness. You have to consider a few things before buying the best bath mat for a textured surface.  

1- Suction Cups

To increase the suction between mat and surface, suction cups are used. But in the case of textured surfaces, suction cups don’t stick with them. So, whenever you’re buying a bath mat for a textured bathtub, ensure it doesn’t have suction cups.

2- Holes For Water Flow

Holes in bath mats play an essential role in water drainage. The small hole on the bath mat allows water to pass through it. This will help to reduce moisture in the mat and prevent it from cracking. 

Such mats are easy to clean and watch as they dry out more quickly. 

3- Tub Size

Bathtubs are available in different sizes, and likewise, bath mats also differ in Size. A mat having a larger length can’t fit perfectly on standard bathtubs. 

So before making a purchase decision, measure your tub length first. A small mat is useless for large bathtubs, as edges may become a tripped hazard. 

4- Material

Bath mats are available in different materials, but which one is perfect for a textured bathtub? A mat with Silicon or rubber material is considered best for textured surfaces. Also, make sure that the material is BPA free, PVC free, and phthalates free. 

The material should be soft to offer a comfortable and relaxing experience. 

5- Easy To Clean 

Choose a bath mat that is easy to clean and washable. To prevent mildew, it’s essential to clean and wash your mat once or twice a month. Also, consider the quality of material, and choose a material that dries faster.

6- Design

This is not an essential factor for you if your concern is quality. But a mat with a stylish pattern looks not only attractive but also feels comfortable. 

If you want a relaxing feel or massage effect on your feet, then choose a bath mat with a textured surface. 

An Important Message!

You might have heard about bathtub reglazing, which is the refinishing of a bathtub. After this process, the bathtub looks new and gives shine. But you need to understand during this process, and a thin coating is applied, so the surface looks much original. 

And this coating can be damaged by putting on rugged or durable mats. You have to take care of refinishing bathtubs and choose the mat carefully.

Note: For such bathtubs, you should use soft bath mats that don’t have suction cups because suction cups put cracks on new coating. Make sure to remove the mat after every bath to avoid trapping water underneath it.

Should You Use Bath Mat Or Bath Rug On Texture Surface?

Most people don’t know whether they should use a Bath rug or a Bath mat for a textured surface. The confusion is because they don’t know the difference between a bath rug and a mat. 

For such bathtubs, you should use soft bath mats that don’t have suction cups because suction cups put cracks on the new coating. Make sure to remove the mat after every bath to avoid trapping water underneath it.

On the other hand, bath mats are designed to prevent slips. Bath mats also absorb water; they are the best absorber, but they have a non-slip feature. If your bathing area is smooth or slippery, you must use a bath mat.


Are textured tubs slippery?

Textured tubs are so smooth, and things can get slippery very fast. And it may be dangerous for you to take a bath on such a surface. To protect yourself from slipping, you have to use a bath mat.

What type of bath mats are perfect for textured tubs?

Most people prefer bath mats with suction cups to prevent slipping. But in the case of the textured surface mat with suction cups will not stay on it. So you have to choose a bath mat with no suction cup. 

How can I make a textured tub non-slip?

Textured tubs get slippery when you put soap or oily water in it. Such tubs are very dangerous, especially for the elderly, so you should put on a bath mat with no suction cups to avoid slipping. 

What makes a bathtub slippery?

Bathtubs get slippery with soap or shampoo water, and it’s an unstable surface with maximum chances of slipping. According to a report, millions of people in the US get injured by slipping on the shower or bathtub.

When should I replace my bath mat?

After regular use of bath mats, it loses its ability to stay on the surface and causes slipping. So you should change your bath mat after 1 to 1.5 years.

Final Words

In the above article, we have reviewed the best bath mats for textured tubs. These mats have no suction cups. That’s why they stay on the textured surface with a firm grip. 

Note: You can choose any bath mat from our list. Because we compile this list after spending a lot of time in research and reading reviews.