Can You Wash Suede Couch Covers? (In Washing Machine)

A couch is the most important and most used part of our living room. Humans and pets use it to relax and have a good time on it. Suede couches are most comfortable and affordable for everyone. A Suede Couch gives your living room a luxurious look.

While providing our living room with an elegant and comfy look, we forget that our suede couch covers need to be cleaned. If you will not clean your suede couch covers, they will start to look dull and dirty and might ruin your living room’s look.

If you want your living room to look nice and bright, you need to clean your suede couch covers regularly. Daily maintenance of your suede couch will make it look attractive for years.

But the most important question that might confuse you is, “Can you wash suede couch covers?”

People think it’s trouble to wash your suede couch because it might take ages to dry up maybe ruin the fabric. But now no need to think about it anymore, let’s solve this problem!

Can You Wash Your Suede Couch Covers?

Can You Wash Suede Couch Covers?

Yes, you can wash your suede couch covers to maintain their luxurious look. Cleaning it regularly will maintain its healthy and beautiful structure.

Suede can be a little tricky to clean because it has some natural material that can be damaged after washing it, so you should be careful. Even washing it with water can damage its material.

If you wash your couch with care and proper time, then you can successfully remove the stains and dullness from your suede couch.

You can easily find the material to clean up your suede couch in the market. The most suitable material to clean up your sofa is using a suede brush.

A suede brush is a soft material to clean it up because it is made to clean your suede couch covers. Cleaning up your suede couch doesn’t need special chemicals, so it is easy to clean and affordable too.

Different kind of stains needs other products to clean. You can also find some products at your home quickly. Cleaning your suede couch is not an expensive task.

All you need to clean it up is some care and proper materials. Try not to be impatient while cleaning it because cleaning it in a rush can damage its material and make it look even worse.

Can I Wash My Suede Couch Covers In The Washing Machine?

If you have an original suede couch, the answer is YES; you can wash your suede couch in a washing machine. Soap and water are suitable to clean your suede couch covers in the washing machine.

Wash it with cold water, and never use bleach to wash your suede couch covers; it will immediately damage the suede.

Another way to make your couch look good is by cleaning it with different materials. Here are some ways to clean your suede couch covers.

Materials you need to clean to your suede couch:

  • Suede brush.
  • Fine sandpaper.

Ways To Clean Different Kinds Of Stains:

Wet stain:


  1. Take a large cup and fill it with water. Add up some detergent and mix it well until some effective suds form.
  2. Dip the specific part of the cloth in the detergent mixture. Slowly blot it on the stain until it removes. Don’t rub the fabric on the whole couch. You might need more clothes to remove it.
  3. After removing the stain, make sure it is released. Then take a dry cloth and blot it on the couch to remove suds of the mixture.
  4. Take your suede brush and brush the whole couch with it to restore the nap, and it will also remove the dust and dirt from your suede couch.

After this whole process, the wet stain from your couch will be removed. You can use the dryer to dry it up quickly, and after this, your sofa is all set to be settled in your living room again.

Some tips that might help you out:

  • Always try the above steps on a small part of your couch to check if it is suitable for it and will not damage its material.
  • Immediately clean the stain; otherwise, it might take ages to be removed.
  • If the above steps fail to remove the stain, you should call a professional to remove it.

Dry stains:


  • Plastic spoon.
  • Nail file.
  • Gum eraser.
  • Fine sandpaper.


Take a plastic spoon and use its back to remove the stain gently. Do this process patiently and avoid rubbing the couch.

You can also use a nail filer and sandpaper to remove the stain. Do it carefully; otherwise, it might make a hole in your suede couch.

Take your suede brush and clean the area to restore the nap.

Household products to clean your suede couch:

If you see chewing gum or wax on your suede couch, you can use ice to remove it. Put the ice in a bag and gently rub it on, and the sticky stain will be gone after this process.

Alcohol can be helpful to remove the oil particles from your suede couch. Use cotton to clean the oil from your couch.

To remove the dust particles from your suede couch, vacuuming is the best idea to clean it.

The Verdict:

Your suede couch gives your living room a warm look. Everyone in the home can enjoy snacks while sitting on it as it is so comfortable. Your suede couch needs some of your attention too. Make sure to clean or wash them regularly to remain well maintained.

The original suede can be easily washed or cleaned, so you no longer need to worry about its dullness. Make your living room luxurious and beautiful with your clean suede couch covers.