How To Fix The Swollen Wood Floor? (Easy Way!)

As you know, floors are made of different types. Like marbles, glass flooring and woody floors.

Nowadays, people love woody floors in their houses. It looks very fashionable and feels very comfortable to clean. The natural colors make real wood floors desirable and elegant.

Although selecting your flooring is under your control, flooding or water damage can happen whether you want them to or not. So, if that happens here are some fixes

Ways You Can Fix A Swollen Wood Floor

Fix Swollen Wood Floor
Fix Swollen Wood Floor

The Swollen Wood Floor:

Well, your floor might start swelling due to humidity in the room and also with water on the floor.

Water damage is a consequence that makes the wood floor swollen and very difficult to renovate it again.

Assess The Swollen Wood Floor:

If you feel that the hardwood floor is swollen from somewhere, firstly check how much the hardwood floor is swollen from that area.

When you make the hardwood floor, you should focus on the water pipeline of the house or building not across from this area. If the water pipeline is crossing this area, you should not make the woody floor here.

Any floor you want to make, keep in mind the water pipeline will not cross over here. Because water damages all the floors.

Before taking some action, you should also check how much water is infiltrated here or moisture. Now determine that the moisture or the water is coming from.

The source of water is completely sealed or fixed from there. You should keep in mind, do not start any work on a swollen floor before stopping the water flows out there.

After sealed or fixed the moisture has been done, you need to find that from where the floor is damaged or swallowed.

These types of swollen on the floor make any type of fungus. If you see any type of mold here, make sure you treat it first before fixing the floor. It makes it difficult to fix the hardwood floor, and also it has not looked like before it’s shining.

If you have all moisture sealed, you can fix the swollen wood floor.

How To Control The Humidity Of The Room?

Humidity is the water vapors appear in the air as a gaseous form.

You should maintain the temperature of the room. It is very important to control the humidity, which makes the hardwood floor swell. If your room has a high humidity, you see a wood floor is swollen due to high humidity, so please ventilate the room first.

When you select a room for a wood floor, you must check if there is no ventilation out there, and It can not be controlled. So the floor will buckle or be swallowed.

Place the ventilation fans to dry out the room. The exhaustion of the room is most important here. It may dehumidify and dry the floor from moisture.

The process of drying has taken a long time. It is not dry so quickly and also not easy to dry the hardwood floor. It also depends on the state of the wood floor and how humid they are.

Furthermore, it may take several months, that wood floor is back to its normal shape and becomes free from humidity.

Repairs The Room As You Needed

After repairing all the damage and controlling the humidity, it may come back to its original state. You can repair the room floor as you want. When the hardwood floor has swollen, there would be some permanent damages.

Before renovation, you must check that the floor is completely dry, and all moisture has been removed from the wood floor. You may also heat the floor. It makes sure that all moisture has been removed and repaired easily.

If you want to make that floor as before damage, also want to give a glossy look and seem elegant, so polish it gently till do as you want the floor looks like.

What To Do If The Floor Doesn’t Come To Original State?

If you feel that after the drying process and the moisture has been removed completely from there, but the floor is not back to its normal state.

You must check how long from the installation of the floor the moisture was there and humidity.

If it happens for a long time, you should not repair it again and also not waste time on it. Replace the wood completely from there and put the new wood out there.

You do not want to replace it. The wood floor will split and swell again and again. The process of dryness may not exist there long. Replace this all hardwood from there.

But before replacing it, check that the water damages will appear here again. Moisture coming from the area is completely sealed or fixed. If it is all done, you should replace it.

Please do not do this replacement by yourself, call the professionals. They will assess it all and offer the best solution to you.

Why Is The Wooden Floor Swelling?

Everyone wants to know about the swelling of the wood floor. Here we discuss some ways to damage the wood floor.

1- Water Damages

Water damage is known that water has come from the toilet or crossed the pipeline of water from that floor.

Due to flooding in the wood floor room, the swelling will appear on it. The hardwood will be damaged. If there is a lot of water coming over here and you may check after a long time, the swelling of wood will appear too much on it.

It will appear like small bubbles on it, which we say swelling the wood floor. Also, the humidity there.

When you build the house, you just keep in mind that the water pipeline installation must be outside. It may also harm the wood floor. Proper lining is safe from any cost.

2- Installation Of Wood floor Improperly

There must be a proper installation of a wood floor. If you install it by yourself, it will damage again.

If the glue is not good and not in a good quality, so it may swirl the floor immediately not fix at all. The nailing of wood is insufficient on the floor. Or the floor is not properly in shape. These are the ways from where the wood floor will damage soon.

So after all that, they leave the professionals to their job. They know how to install it, and they also know which thing will be used properly on that floor.

3- Extra One

Termite is also damaging the wooden floor. Termite is a tiny germ or disease which harms the wood immediately.

To save the wood from this type of disease, firstly you may check that wood is in a good quality. And also keep in mind there is no source of termite in that room.

Spray gently over there from time to time and check it as well. You must check all of it. So it will not harm your wood floor and keep safe from damage.


The wooden floor looks very elegant and luxurious. If the hardwood floor has swollen, you must check from where the moisture or humidity comes around there.

Before taking any action, assess the room carefully. Sealed all the moisture ways and fixed them gently.

Vacuum the area properly and keep it dry. It will take much time, but the floor will appear in its original state. The hardwood floor will shiny and looks beautiful.

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