How To Remove Scuff Marks From Vinyl Flooring?

Hey! My children are very messy and make many scuff marks on vinyl flooring installed in my home. Over time, I have found these incredible ways of removing scuff marks from vinyl flooring, which are very easy and time-saving.

How to remove scuff marks from vinyl flooring? The ease of removing scuff marks from vinyl flooring primarily depends upon the density of scuff marks. You can remove almost any scuff mark by following these steps on scuff marks on your vinyl flooring

  • Identify the scuff mark
  • If the scuff mark is small, rub it with the simple stationery eraser
  • If the scuff mark is stubbornly large, rub with a toothbrush having baking soda paste (¾ baking soda with ¼ water)
  • If it is a rubber scuff mark, then use a cleaner product like
  • After removing the scuff marks, Rub the area of the scuff mark with a towel or microfiber cloth
  • In the end, Clean the entire floor with a vacuum cleaner

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Types Of Scuff Marks On Vinyl Flooring?

remove scuff marks from vinyl flooring

It was very strange for me to know that the scuff marks also have types. Moreover, every kind of scuff mark may not get removed by the same method of cleaning. So, making the cleaning process easy and more time saving, I classified the scuff marks as;

  • Dirt Scuff marks
  • Black Scuff marks
  • Rubber Scuff marks

Dirt Scuff Marks

Dirt Scuff Marks on vinyl flooring are the most common marks you will get on your vinyl flooring; also, they are the easiest to remove. It can come from the dirt stick to your indoor shoes (i-e, slippers, etc.) or from anything you bring from outside.

Black Scuff Marks

Black scuff marks come from the dirty outdoor shoes When we bring them to the indoor vinyl floors. The dirt of shoes, when rubbed with the vinyl floor, makes black marks, which are known as Black scuff marks.

Rubber Scuff Marks

Rubber scuff marks are tiny particles of rubber itself making a stain. The primary cause is wearing rubber shoes on your vinyl flooring and rubbing rubber items on them.

How to Remove Dirt Scuff Marks From Vinyl Flooring?

Straight and Simple! Dirt scuff marks can be removed easily by simple methods of cleaning.

1- Microfiber cloths

Method #1

You can easily remove dirt scuff marks from your vinyl flooring by simply rubbing the dirt scuff mark with a dry microfiber cloth. After removing all the dirt scuff marks, vacuum-cleans the floor. Ta-da, It will be neat and clean again.

Method #2

Don’t worry! If method #1 did not work for you. This method will surely clean off all the dirt scuff marks from your vinyl flooring and make it neat and clean again.

It is similar to method #1, But this time you need a wet microfiber cloth and start rubbing the dirt scuff mark until you can not see it. After this, vacuum-clean your vinyl floor, and that’s it.

2- The Rubber Method

It is a very common method, and you may know of this before reading my blog. But here, I will tell some things in this method without doing them; It may not be as effective as It should be.

So, By starting with the type of rubber, you should remove dirt scuff marks. I will recommend you the eraser glued on the top of the pencils.

As it makes more inertia due to the length of the pencil and with less energy consumed as compared by using a simple eraser, you will remove the dirt scuff stains.

Now, By rubbing the eraser on the dirt scuff marks, you will get the marks erased. When the dirt scuff marks are entirely removed from your vinyl floor, vacuum-cleans the floor, and Ta-da, you clean the vinyl floor from all the dirt scuff marks.

How To Remove Black Scuff Marks From Vinyl Flooring?

There are many ways to remove black scuff marks from the vinyl flooring, and here I am telling you the easiest and time-saving methods.

The Tennis ball method

The most common method to remove black scuff marks from vinyl flooring is the tennis ball method. It is similar to the rubber method; the only difference is using the tennis ball instead of the rubber to have more surface area for rubbing.

Why tennis ball? The texture of the tennis ball is very friction-oriented, making great friction when rubbing on the black scuff methods.

Just grab a tennis ball and rub it with a black scuff mark on your vinyl flooring. Eventually, you will see the black spots getting off your vinyl flooring while you are rubbing.

When the black scuff mark is wholly removed, vacuum-clean the vinyl floor.

The Baking soda method

After trying so many methods on the internet, I was getting very pessimistic about removing the black scuff marks from the vinyl flooring. And started thinking of changing the flooring, but then I found a video where a person released its scuff marks by just baking soda and water.

How can baking soda be used for removing black scuff stains from the vinyl flooring? Well, it was also as strange for me as it was for you now. The chemical nature of baking soda allowed it to fight with sticky nature particles. That’s why It is an excellent cleaner.

How to make baking soda paste? Making baking soda paste is very easy. You need to make a solution by mixing 3/4 baking soda in 1/4 water in a bowl.

After making a baking soda paste, rub it on the black scuff mark with material like an old toothbrush or microfiber cloth. After an interval, you will see the magic of how baking soda removes black scuff marks from the vinyl flooring.

How To Remove Rubber Scuff Marks From Vinyl Fooring?

Removing rubber scuff marks from vinyl flooring is not an easy task. Don’t get me wrong; I mean until you know an easy way that requires less effort and time to remove it.

Well, I have ruined my kitchen vinyl flooring many times, reading different solutions on the internet until I found the methods which saved me from wasting more of my vinyl flooring.

Two methods always worked for me, removing rubber scuff marks from vinyl flooring.

1- Using Alcohol Method

Yes! You read it right. The alcohol we drink is also an excellent cleaner when it comes to cleaning materials like rubber. The way the alcohol tends to your sadness and makes you feel good in the same way it cleans the rubber scuff marks.

How to use alcohol? Removing rubber scuff marks from vinyl flooring is easy as the baking soda method. Just put a small amount of alcohol on the rubber scuff mark and ensure it’s completely wet.

Now, Either with microfiber clothe or a soft toothbrush, rub it, and eventually, after few seconds, you will see excellent results. It is beneficial to remove tiny rubber scuff marks.

2- Using WD-40 Method

WD-40 can be something new to you, As it was also for me When I first heard of it. But let me tell you something special about it: it was the only method that never allowed any kind of rubber scuff marks on it.

So, What is WD-40? WD-40 is a multipurpose product used for cleaning almost everything. From rust on metals to rubber scuff stains on vinyl flooring.

Disclaimer: First, use one drop on the spear part of the vinyl plank to know that it works on your vinyl flooring instead of ruining it. Because I have destroyed my vinyl floor two times, and It was a horrible experience.

Don’t get me wrong, WD-40 doesn’t ruin suitable quality vinyl flooring, and If it ruins you, you may not have the right quality vinyl flooring.

How to use WD-40? Just put it on the rubber scuff marks on your vinyl flooring and let it be there for 5-10 minutes and clean it with a wet cloth, and after that, dry the floor with a dry microfiber cloth.


How to remove scuff marks from vinyl flooring? Now, after reading this information, you can easily remove any scuff mark from vinyl flooring in the easiest and time-saving way without ruining your vinyl flooring.