9 Best Living Room Chairs For Hip Pain (Extra Comfort)

No doubt, a living room chair will affect your posture and back muscles. If you have a hard and uncomfortable chair, it will lead to poor posture and hip pain. 

According to the research, 99.3 million people are suffering from hip pain. Poor posture affects your central nervous system.

Hip pain has become common nowadays because most people spend their time sitting, which will lower the blood flow in your hip, resulting in hip pain. But if you use a comfortable living room chair with a footrest, it will never cause hip pain. 

After deep research and considering a few factors, we have collected some of the best living room chairs for hip pain. Let’s have a look!

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Top Best Living Room Chairs For Hip Pain

1- Domestic Renu Leather Power Lift

chair for hip pain

Domestic Renu is specially designed for elders, and It will lower your back and hip pain. This chair is highly comfortable and has soft cushions.

It is comfortable to sit for a long time on this chair. And It can be used in several ways due to its different angles and modes. You can use this chair for watching TV, reading, massage, sleeping and more.

A power recliner along with a headrest allows you to sleep on it. Because of its soft headrest, it will support your neck and will never cause neck pain.

Domestic Renu chair is made up of durable, comfortable and breathable leather that feels more premium. The chair’s base is made of heavy metal that makes it more durable and supports weight up to 300 lbs. 

Two smart buttons control the getting in or out of the recliner chair. You can adjust the chair according to your comfort zone by simply leaning back and lifting it. 

  • Recliner is excellent Thick and breathable foam Hand control Weight capacity of 300 pounds Easy to assemble
  • Expensive Foot rest doesn’t rise higher

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2- Homall Recliner Chair

If you want a luxurious chair with the best budget, then this Homall Recliner chair is perfect for you. Its breathable and soft cushion ensures high comfort and stable posture that will lower your hip pain. 

This is a multi-purpose chair you can use for gaming, napping, watching TV, reading, sleeping or just sipping on a martini. To support your back and provide high comfort, this chair has a thick cushion at the backside. 

The chair comes with high-quality leather, high density and breathable foam that ensure extra comfort. Its PU leather is skin-friendly, water-resistant and easy to clean. If you have kids or pets in your home, this is an ideal chair for you.

There is also a footrest with three recliner modes from 90 to 180 degree, which means you can also use this chair as a bed. This chair can support weight up to 265 lbs.

You can adjust your posture in your best comfort zone. The thick, soft and adjustable headrest allows you to sit on this chair for a long time without any discomfort.

  • Soft and comfortable Premium fabric Long warranty Durable and stable base Head rest is amazing Affordable
  • Arm rest could be improve

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3- Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner

chair for hip and lower back pain

This signature Design recliner chair is best for people who are serious about their back pain or hip pain. Although this one is a little expensive, but you will pay for its value. 

Signature power is ideal for hip pain sufferers because it offers many modes to adjust your posture to the best comfort zone. The upholstery looks like leather, but it’s a thick poly fiber that feels more premium than leather.

The zero-gravity position reduces the pressure on your back. When you use the full reclining function, your muscles become less stiff and exhausted. With remote control, you can select the best sitting position.

Compared to the rest of the chair, this signature chair has pretty thick cushions that ensure high comfort. On the recliner side, there are pockets where you can keep books, magazines, mobile, and other stuff.

It also has a footrest that allows you to relax and lower your stress. There are two motors in this chair, and one is for lift functions and the other for reclining motion.

  • Thick and breathable foam Poly fibre look like leather Premium look and feel Comfortable Durable base Weight capacity is 300 pounds Battery backup Adjustable sitting position
  • Leg rest doesn’t raise higher Low footrest

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4- Esright Grey Massage Recliner Chair 

Here comes a multi-functional chair that can also be used for massage purposes. To keep your muscles active and comfortable, it gives several relaxing modes. 

Compared to other chairs, it has a wide seat, and it’s perfect for fatty people. The chair has a pretty durable base, and it can support weight up to 300 lbs. 

For a more relaxing experience, it offers eight massage nodes that will give next-level comfort to your lower back. You can enjoy massages while watching TV or reading. 

The armrest of this chair is made of thick foam, and the headrest is also very comfortable. You will get two pockets on the chairside that help you keep your books, magazines, chargers, and other stuff. There are also two convenient cup holders on both armrests to place cups for drinks.

Bright Grey is very easy to assemble, even if you don’t need screws to assemble it. You can also easily detach its part and shift it to another location.

  • 8 vibrating massage nodes Next level comfortable Can lower your stress Best for hip pain Extra storage bag Water resistant Excellent head rest Padded armrests 2 intensity level
  • Not suitable for bigger Heavy

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5- Coahoma Leather Recliner Chair

best chair to relief hip pain

This one is a super comfortable recliner chair and is best for lower back and hip pain. You can see its dual-layer thick breathable foam. It looks so comfortable.

The Coahoma recliner chair is specially designed for the elderly. The armrests are pretty soft, and you can fully relax your arm while watching TV. On both sides, two large pockets help you to store different stuff. 

Similarly, a dual foam headrest provides correct posture and soft grip to your neck. There is a D ring handle hidden in the seat, and if you pull out this D ring, the chair will reline at any angle you want. 

Along with a recliner, this chair also has an 8 point massage system and four modes of vibration that gives you high comfort and a relaxing experience.

If you ever feel stressed, sit on this chair and turn off the lights and turn on the messenger, and the chair will lower your stress by providing next-level comfort.

  • Thick and breathable foam Poly fibre look like leather Premium look and feel Comfortable Durable base Weight capacity is 300 pounds Battery backup Built-in speaker Adjustable sitting position
  • The massage features could be improve

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6- Wingback Recliner Chair 

A wingback chair is just like a traditional club chair with a durable base and firm support. This recliner chair has many features which are pretty helpful for hip pain. 

On the seat, there is a high-density foam that provides support and comfort. This recliner chair offers dual-function foot extension and reclines back that will help you to lower the stress.

Because of its four legs system, its frame is pretty durable and stable. The load capacity of this chair is 275 pounds. You can use this in your living room, TV launch, drawing room, or anywhere you want because it’s perfect for every outfit.

It will take 2 minutes to install this chair. Just slip the pack part of the chair onto the base and then screw four legs. To extend the footrest, you must manually open it. It hardly accommodates taller people.

  • Backrest is comfortable Perfect for small space Load capacity is 275 pounds Easy to assemble Lightweight
  • Manual foot extension Not suitable for taller people

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7- Christopher Knight Home Recliner

Christopher chairs are the best chairs that give you a proper posture for sitting. In addition, these have a recliner, which allows you extreme comfort and the feeling of relaxation.

This is one of the most popular styles of recliners and comes in a variety of colors. For a perfect match with your room, you should keep the color of your living room and then buy the recliner.

With 100 per cent polyester, this recliner chair gives you extreme comfort and proper posture so that you can get rid of back pain. Its legs are made of birch, which ensures sturdiness.

This chair gives you ample space for sitting without any hesitation, with seat dimensions of 21.5″ D x 20″ W x 25″ H and arm 25 inches.

This chair is a slightly tufted back and has an extra padded cushion for maximum comfort. With the light assembly, it will not take you so much time to be assembled.

  • Stylish look Extra padding cushion seat Comfortable Durable High backrest Easy to assemble Recliner is excellent
  • Backrest is short Doesn’t recline fully

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8- JC Home Massage chair

best chair for hip pain suffers

This chair is an ideal option if you want a massage chair since it provides soothing heat and delivers a stress-relieving massage.

A full swivel function is included in the chair, and a stationary ottoman is included to elevate your feet while working. This chair occupies a minimal amount of space to be perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, meditation rooms, and offices. 

In addition to 9 massage modes, this chair also has 5 intensity settings, including lumbar, thigh, and leg massages. Due to its soothing heat, you can get rid of back pain quickly, and it also allows you the best posture for sitting.

With the push-button remote, you can control the temperature, customize the massage, and set the timer.

360-degree swivel allows you to choose the posture you prefer. Having a double padded seat and backrest will enable you to reduce stress and pain. The dimensions (LxWxH) are 29 inches by 30 inches by 42 inches.

  • Premium fabric Remote control Full swivel Massager is excellent Side pockets Separate footrest
  • Low to the ground Narrow armrests

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9- Flash Leather Soft Recliner/Ottoman

chairs for back pain

This sofa chair also comes with comfortable material using which you can reduce your pain. Wooden frames and dense sponges on the fabric sofa of the Recliner Couch provide excellent support.

This push back recliner chair can be adjusted easily, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. You will undoubtedly enjoy the dual-function foot extension and the reclining back of this club chair.

This recliner sofa can’t only be used at home but can also be used in offices and other business places due to its excellent sunlight resistance and sophisticated look.

The padded armrests make you feel comfortable. The chair can be reclined with a knob under the arm. Your blood circulation and back pain are improved with the reclining function. In the same way, the padded seats, headrest, and back provide you with comfort. 

Your feet don’t need to be folded. You can relax your legs on the padded ottoman. The recliner’s padding is fire retardant, so it is safe. It swivels naturally and has a swivel function. A 250-pound weight can be carried on it. 

  • Classical design Stable and durable base Thick foam Premium and Skin friendly PU leather Lightweight Affordable price Good for small place
  • Small in size The armrests are lower

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Guide To Buy Best Chairs For Hip Pain

best chair for hip pain

Not all chairs are the same, in the market you will see tons of varieties. But how one can find out the best Chair for hip pain? Before picking your Chair, you should consider these few things to get a high-quality chair. 

1- Lumbar Support

This is one of the important features that you should look into before buying a chair. A chair will lumbar support is pretty comfortable for hip pain. Such chairs will reduce the pressure on the back and keep your spin in the right shape. And if your Chair is uncomfortable, it may lead to back pain. 

2- Massage

If you want more comfort, then you can buy a chair that will massage nodes. Such a Chair will relax your muscle and lower your stress. 

Although these chairs are pretty expensive, they give next-level comfort. Massage chairs come with a heating option that will reduce your muscle fatigue and improve blood circulation. 

3- Size and Stability

If you have a high weight, then not every Chair is perfect for you. You should consider a chair that has a wide seat and a stable base. The majority of the chairs can beat weight up to 300 pounds which is enough. 

Secondly, make sure that your wide seat chair has thick foam because it will increase the Chair’s lifespan and give you more comfort. 

4- Material

The material of the Chair also matter. Make sure your Chair has durable, long-lasting, breathable, and water-resistant material.

I think leather is one of the most premium materials in the market, and it is more durable than other fabrics. Secondly, leather is more comfortable and easy to clean.

5- Warranty

Always look for a chair that gives you a warranty so that you can replace its part in case of damage. If a brand gives you an extended warranty time, it means that it’s reliable. 

Similarly, some chairs come with a money-back guarantee that offers complete satisfaction to its customers. 

Final Words

You must have the best chair to maintain a correct posture. Without a proper posture, you may go through hip pain and lower back pain. Improper posture can also affect the nervous system. So it’s very crucial to pick the right chair for sitting.

People who are suffering from hip pain can pick any chair from the above list. We have done a lot of research so you can select any chair without any doubt. We appreciate it if you buy any item from our suggestion.


How to avoid hip pain?

1- Use chairs with footrests, and avoid low chairs.u003cbru003e2- Always use a wedge cushionu003cbru003e3- Tilt seat base forward just a little if possible; this will bring hips a little higher and improve blood circulation.

Is it’s ok to sleep on a recliner chair for the night?

This can only be harmful if your arms and legs are bent for a long time because, in this way, blood color may occur.

Which Chair is suitable for hip pain?

A chair with the best lumbar support, thick foam, padding cushion, and footrest is best for hip pain. A signature Design recliner chair is one of the chairs for your hip pain.

What is the best way to reduce hip pain?

The only way to reduce your hip pain is to lower your sitting because it will lower blood circulation. And sitting for a long time even cause blood clotting in the hips that will lead to severe hip pain. 

How to sit on a chair with hip pain?

You should sit with your bottom square on the chair, your back against the back of the chair, and your shoulders facing forward. Be sure your feet are flat on the floor, your weight is evenly distributed on your hips, and your knees are at a 45-degree angle. 

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