7 Best Living Room Chairs For Sciatica Patients

It’s too hard to sit on a regular chair for a person who is suffering from sciatica. And a sciatica patient can’t get absolute comfort on a regular chair because of its design.

What kind of living room chairs are best for sciatica patients? Well, if a chair supports your lower back and legs, then it is best for you. 

In this guide, we will discuss the seven best living room chairs perfect for sciatica patients.

Best Living Room Chairs For Sciatica Patients

1- Basics Swivel Foam 

chairs for Sciatica

This is our top pick because of the insane comfort we put on our list. This chair is pretty different from the rest of the chair because of memory foam. 

Memory foam is the softest foam ever made, the foam consists of polyurethane in which air can quickly move and make it denser. So higher density foam gives a more softening experience to your body.

This way, you won’t need to worry about putting excess force on any joint.

Also, this one is an adjustable chair. You can set it according to your comfort. And you can easily enjoy TV, gaming, or reading on this memory foam chair. 

The chair has only 24.3 pounds of weight which makes them a super-light chair more flexible. You can also fold the chair to make easy storage and place it alsong poolside or backyard.

  • Has memory foam 
  • Word for both kids and adults
  • Has multiple adjustable positions
  • Easy to fold

  • Too easy to clean and maintain

  • The fabrics is not stain resistant

  • The material is not waterproof

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2- Giantex Recliner Chair 

sciatics parients chairs

If you have an extra budget, then you must buy this chair. This is not just a chair but also has a massage function. And no doubt you will get absolute comfort while using this chair.

The extending footrest in this chair allows you to relax and fully stretch, providing next-level comfort. Moreover, you can also give support to your elbows while watching TV. 

To give complete comfort and relaxing experience to sciatica patients Giantex Recliner Chair offers a curved backrest, wide armrest, and footrest. 

You will get premium fabrics filled with high-density sponge and elastic springs that promise a superior comfort experience. Because of two side pockets, you can also store different types of stuff and magazines. 

A sturdy metal bracket is used to assemble the chair’s interior, which can withstand 275 lbs of weight. Besides, there are four non-slip plastic pads for increased stability.

Because of its latest message technology, you can relieve and heat your joints which are very beneficial for sciatica patients. 

There are a total of 8 message modes that help you to enjoy absolute comfort. You can also set manual message time according to your need. You can control its vibrating nodes via remote and adjust them quickly. 

  • Additional Leg Rest Side Pocket
  • Comfortable & Soft Cushion
  • 8 massage modes
  • Best to lower back pain
  • Expensive
  • Fabric could be improve

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3- Flash Furniture Multi-Position Chair

chair for lower back pain

This comfortable chair for Sciatica patients comes with the most adorable fabrics and has premium quality. Solid metallic bases support the seat and footrest, which can comfortably support 250 pounds of weight.

Its premium leather will give normal heat to your joints which is highly beneficial for sciatica patients.

Because of the leather fabrics, it’s too easy to clean and remove stains from the chair. You don’t need to worry about your kids or tea stains.

These Flash Furniture chairs have a padded seat that comforts your lower back, and you will feel that absolute comfort found in a luxurious environment.

Apart from this, there is a soft headrest that supports your neck and head; even you can sleep on this fantastic chair. Armrest supports your elbows while watching TV, reading books, etc. 

The chair has only 32.8 pounds of weight, and you can take the chair to the poolside or shift it to any other room very quickly. 

With a wood base and ball-bearing construction, the chair and ottoman swivel effortlessly. I think as compared to a four feet chair, this is safe for your floor.

The chair can be fully reclined by pressing a lever conveniently located under the right arm. The recliner is the perfect seat if you need to lounge or elevate your feet to improve circulation.

  • Reclining Lever
  • Ball-bearing construction
  • Foor rest
  • Arm rest
  • Light weight
  • Expensive
  • Base support could be improve

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4- X Rocker Chair

chairs for sciatica

X Rocker is an affordable chair built with premium foam that gives you the next comfort level to your joints and lowers back compared to other chairs.

This chair has a vinyl covering that is gentle on the skin, ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.

Because of its ergonomics design, this chair is perfect for gaming, TV, watching TV, and reading. You will become a part of the excitement of listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game.

Using the two forward-facing speakers and the ported power subwoofers within the chair, you can fully immerse yourself in your game, movie, or music.

X Rocker chair is pretty bulky compared to the Flash Furniture Chair, which weighs 50 pounds. 

Because of the latest vibration motors, you will feel the energy spread into your body, just like you feel during meditation. 

The vibration motors sync with audio’s bass tones and create more powerful body sensations keeping you relaxed for hours.

You can tilt and swivel in comfort with this pedestal 2.1 wireless audio gaming chair base. Also, its gun-stock arms provide support to your elbow joints.

  • Vinyl covering is best for skin
  • Excellent sound technology
  • Gives more relaxing experience
  • Affordable
  • Armrest is not adjustab

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5- U-MAX Recliner

sciatics patient chair

If you have a budget, then this U-Max recliner is perfect for you. Its heavy-duty foam and latest message technology keep your joints and muscles relaxed.

Soft and durable PU leather covers the chair, with extra thick sponge padding on the back, headrest, and armrests. The footrest is pretty unique from the rest of the chair because it offers two massage motors.

For sciatica patients, this chair is a precious gift because it supports everybody’s joints, from your neck to foot joints. 

There are two side pockets with an enormous capacity to store much stuff like magazines, books, wires, chargers, etc. Because of the solid and premium material, this chair has 125 pounds of weight, and it looks bulky. 

There are a total of 8 message areas, the two in the headrest relieve your neck, two in the back area, while the other four focus (leg, tight, lumbar, back). It has five modes (pulse, press, wave, auto, and regular) for different types of massage.

Two separate remotes control all functions, so you don’t have to touch any buttons.

This chair relined up to 130 degrees. First, the footrest started working, then the back start working along with the footrest.

  • Sear depth 20 inch
  • 2 cup holder
  • Side pockets
  • 8 message areas
  • Electric power lift
  • Faus leather
  • Expensive

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6- JUMMICO Fabric Chair

This one is the most affordable and simple chair for sciatica patients. It is built with breathable fabric, has a sturdy build, simplistic design, and is dressed with a top-notch.

The chair is fully adjustable like a U-Max Recliner chair. Unlike other chairs, this one has 38.6-inch heights that give comfort to your neck and upper back area. 

The headrest is also pretty soft to make your neck feel more comfortable.

It’s too easy to recline the chair from 90 degrees to 165 degrees, making it ideal for relieving back pain and offering comfort for sciatica patients.

The one thing that I love about this chair is its steel frame Footrest which is super strong and comfortable. You can also adjust the angle of the footrest according to your need.

Another plus point here is the complete armrest. In the rest of the chairs, you have seen that rest arms are not much wide to provide maximum comfort to your elbow. But here, you get a thick and wide armrest.

Lastly, it has 26 kg of weight, and I think it’s not as bulky as the rest of the chairs. And you can quickly move it from one room to another.

  • Breathable fabric material
  • Thick Seat cushion
  • Strong base
  • Recliner and footrest
  • only 6 months warrenty for seats

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7- PU Leather Recling Chair

This one is the last chair on our list, similar to the Jummico Fabrics Chair, but you have two message motors and premium fabric.

This recliner chair comes with durable and high-quality PU leather, which is easy to clean. Also, the fabrics are fully waterproof, and you don’t need to worry about any stains.

The dimension and rest of the features of this chair are pretty similar to the Jummico fabric charity. Like you will have the same type of headrest, footrest with the same size, and reclining angle.

Both back and foot recliners help you to relieve your joints. But here, you also have message motors at the lower back that gives complete comfort to your back.

The chair is too easy to install. It takes just 2 minutes to make it fully functional. The Base and legs are incredibly robust because of the heavy wood.

Like the previous one, this chair is again too light and easy to migrate from one place to another.

  • Best budget recliner
  • With messager
  • LU fabrics
  • More stable base
  • Seat wideth could be incresed

Guide To Buy Best Chair For Scatics Patients

You should consider a few thighs before picking the best living room chair, especially for sciatica patients.

Think Cushion

To give maximum comfort to your joints, your chair must have a thick cushion. Especially make sure that at the lower backside, the pillow must be wide enough to provide comfort.

Footrest & Headrest

Secondly, your chair should have a stable footrest to comfort your leg joints, which is critical for sciatica patients. Most of the chairs come with recline footrests so you can adjust them according to your need.

The headrest is also crucial to give comfort and stability to your neck. With a headrest, you can watch TV, read books in a very relaxed way.


To feel the absolute and maximum comfort, you should own a chair with a massager. Mainly, it’s essential to have a massager at the lower backside to relieve your back. 

Final Words

It’s too hard for a sciatica patient to sit comfortably on a regular chair. And you have to buy a chair with a thick cushion and footrest, armrest, etc., to give maximum comfort to joints.

After a well-research, we make this list of chairs, and we believe our suggestion will never disappoint you. You can pick any one of them according to your need and budget

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