Why Does My Couch Sink In The Middle +(Best Tips To Fix it)

Today’s guide will talk about why a couch sinks in the middle and some best practices to fix such a couch. 

If you are using your couch for a long time, it may sink from the middle. This is because the spring in your couch constantly compressing, and after some time, they adopt a constant shape. The same thing happens with form couches; they lose their elasticity and start sinking.

A couch with a dip looks awkward, and you can’t even seat your guests on it. Your guests must feel bad about it, and this will degrade the value of your home.

Suppose you sit on an A sinking couch not degrade the value of your furniture but also makes you uncomfortable. A sink couch will affect your posture and often cause back pain. 

You might wonder why my couch sank from the middle, so there are a lot of reasons like; clips may have loosened, low-quality spring in the couch, or a heavy loaded weight can cause a dip in the middle.

But our major goal is how to fix a couch if it sinks in the middle, this will not only improve your posture but also adds value to your furniture.

So, let’s get into it!

Why Does My Couch Sink In The Middle?

In most of the couches and sofas, there are gaude springs, and these springs get overwhelmed and lose their elasticity after a long time. As you know, couches and sofas are the most “lived on” space in your house, so regular use of a couch may sink it from the middle.

The sinking of the couch depends upon the quality of spring or foam. Foam plays a vital role in the structure of your couch. A high-quality foam never sinks and gives you high stability. 

Or sometimes, spring attachment breaks are attached to wooden frames. So, you can reattach them with twine or wire.

Another major reason
Most people sit on one side of a cushion, which puts a lot more pressure on that part and makes it sink. But if you have replaceable cushions, you should change them after 2-3 months to avoid dips. 


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Can Sleeping on Make It Sink in the Middle?

Most people have a habit of sleeping on the couch, and is it a bad habit and makes the couch saggy?

Well, sleeping on a couch is a bad habit. It puts a lot of pressure on your couch, especially in the middle, and creates a dip in the middle. 

This habit affects the springs and makes them weak, and after some time, the person on the couch starts sagging.

How Does Saggy Couch Affect Your Back?

Saggy couches are a big problem for the elderly, or mainly for those suffering from back pains.

If your couch sinks in the middle, you must immediately take some action to fix it. Otherwise, it will badly affect your posture. Most of the time, when you sit on a saggy couch, it slides down your body slowly, slowly, and for a couple of minutes, your body level goes far below the level of the sofa frame.

And when your body is not in a level with a sofa frame, you feel discomfort, which will affect blood circulation around your lower back and cause back pain. 

Best Methods To Keep Your Couch From Sinking

So, let’s discuss some of the methods that prevent couches from sinking. 

1- Refill The Cushions

Most of the couches come with replaceable cushions so that you can change them any time. But instead of buying new cushions, you can refill them with high-quality polyester or put some old comforter in them.

So firstly, find the zipper and unzip the cushions. If there is no zipper, then you can cut them off with a cutter. Now remove all the stuff from the cushion and refill it. 

Make sure to put high-quality polyester inside cushions. You can also use high-quality foam or any comforter etc. After putting polyester inside, now spread it around so that it can easily sit inside the couch. 

Most people also prefer to use cotton, but we suggest to use polyester blended with cotton. It is much cheaper than pure cotton fabric. Secondly, polyester is much softer and provides next-level comfort. You can easily buy polyester blended with cotton from any local craft store.

Make sure to put enough polyester inside the cushion so that no space is left in it. In loose filling, use polyester fiberfill, as it will give a more firm shape cushion.

 2- Reattach or Replace Couch Springs

Springs in the couch are also an important part that produces stability and makes it more elastic. 

If your couch sinks from the middle, then double-check the springs. In most cases, the spring detached from clips, so I reattached the springs to the clips.

But in some cases, the whole spring vanishes; you need to replace the old one and install a new spring. 

3- Sagging Cushion Seat Savers

This is one of the most convenient methods to prevent sagging on the couch. If you are a DIY person, then it’s a very easy task for you. 

LAMINET supports are one of the best underneath the Sofa-cushion seat that offers a strong base and prevents sagging. Compared to standard cushions, they support more weight and last for a longer time. 

In improving your posture, LAMINET supporting the seat plays an important role. If you want more comfort and stability, we recommend you pick these cushion seats. 

These underneath cushion seats also protect springs from absorbing extra pressure. Instead of buying a new couch or replacing cushions, you can use these cushion seats to extend the life of the couch.

4- Use Buttons On the Either Side Of Cushions

For a DIY person, this is another pro-tip to make a couch stuffer and avoid sinking. If the cushions are solid and stable, then there will be no sagging. 

To add buttons, you first need to remove the cushioning from the inside. Then, sew the buttons on both sides of the cushion and make it firm in the next step. Don’t use low-quality fragile thread; otherwise, buttons will be pulled out.

Adding buttons in cushions balances the polyester inside it and spreads it equally all around. 

If you have kids or pets at home, then you must use this method. This will not only prevent the couch from sagging but also make the cushion more firm and stable. 

5- Use Plywood Under Cushion

To make the base of the couch more firm, you should add Plywood under cushions. It not only prevents the cushion from sagging but also makes the couch more comfortable and allows it to bear more weight. 

Adding Plywood is a very simple and convenient method. You need simple DIY skills. 

Sometimes there is a fault in the couch frame, and a cushion can’t properly sit in a frame, causing sagging. Using this Plywood would level the frame and give it more durability.

Polywood size should be about 1/4 inches thick, and make sure to choose Polywood according to your couch size. Otherwise, you need to cut it based on the measurements of your couch.

Remove the cushions from the couch and put the Plywood on the sofa. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, then cut it to fit in the frame easily. 

After adjusting it, place the cushions back and enjoy there will be no more sagging.

How to Keep Couch Cushions From Sinking

1- Flip Cushions Regularly

A habit of sitting on one part of your couch ruins the cushions and loses their rebound ability. So you should flip the cushion frequently to avoid sagging. 

Flipping and rotating the cushions will keep them in shape and ensure that weight is equally distributed around cushions

It’s recommended you flip couch cushions after every one or two weeks, depending on how the usage of the couch. 

2- Never Wash Cushions with Fiber Fillings

Of course, you would never wash cushions with fiber filings. But in some cases, there is no zipper on the cushion and people don’t take out fiber fillings and clean them as it is. 

In this way, the fiber inside the cushion will become weak and lose its rebound ability.

So you must remove fiber filling before washing, although if there is no zipper, you can stitch cushions back after washing.

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Final Words

If your couch is sinking in the middle, then you should take immediate action and avoid sagging. We have discussed different methods to prevent dipping on your couch

Sinking the couch makes you feel uncomfortable and causes back pain. But you can apply some of the DIY methods which we have discussed to avoid such situations. 


How long should the couch last?

The lifespan of your couch depends on its quality, the way of use, care, maintenance, and other factors. But normally, most of the couch. And a couch lasts between 7 to 15 years.

How to stop couch cushions from sinking?

Flipping or rotating the couch regularly can prevent cushions from sinking. Or you can add more polyester to the cushion to make them firm and avoid sinking. 

How can I make my sofa firm again?

The best way to make a sofa firm is to add more poly fiber to the cushion until they are fluffy. You can also add buttons to the cushion to balance the polyester inside it and make it more firm.

What type of filling is best for sofa cushions?

You should use polyester blended with cotton as it is a much cheaper option to refill your cushions. Polyester blended with cottons makes your cushions much softer and comfortable.

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